Guinness World Record

Largest Pub Tour in a Motorhome

150 pubs in 12 months


A motorhome Life of Hank and Marvin are attempting a world record of the largest pub crawl in a motorhome across England, Scotland and Wales. Travelling to 150 pubs in 12 months, supporting tourism, pub trade, and good hospitality, sharing the importance of pubs within local communities and rural villages On the 6th October 2020 (subject to change) Hank & Marvin will set off for there longest journey yet.

Prior to the lockdown we started this YouTube channel making videos of local pubs, reviewing the food, drinks and the local area. My partner and I was going to do this together in January this year, but he passed away in a motorbike collision last year in July, I want to keep his memory alive so I’ve continued our dream and carried on alone, well with my New companions of Hank & Marvin.

We made three pub videos prior to Lockdown as we wanted to share the wonders of Public houses, countryside and local communities with our own community of motorhomes and anyone who enjoys a local pub.

With everything that’s happened with covid-19 and pubs closing down at a rate of 3 a day, we know that it’s going to be awhile before we can start filming again, but our fear is a lot of pubs won’t be able to reopen due to finances, so we had an idea… we have applied to the Guinness world records to set a world record for the “largest pub tour in a motorhome” consisting of 150 pubs in 12 months, to start on the 6th of October. We’d be staying overnight and making videos of each pub for the channel as we go as we will need to supply evidence of our travels and if anyone would like to come and join us at ay of the locations we are going to please get in touch.

We would be honored for any help, if you’re a pub or know of a pub that would be interested in taking part please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on or on any social media

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