Hank & Marvin

Rebecca our owner has been motorhoming since 2018 with her belated partner Colin. Colins sadly passed away in July 2019 and Rebecca wanted to keep his memory alive and carry on their dream of travelling. Originally Rebecca couldn’t drive the first motorhome they had together (Hank Sr) due to her license so she bought Hank Jr. Rebecca Knew she need a companion to keep her company on her journeys planned so she found Marvin the beagle to keep her company.

The dream they shared together was to travel around the UK and Europe in Hank touring all the wonderful places to share with others. Her goal now is to visit as many places as she can and create new memories along the way.

With the help of Hank Jr and her new companion Marvin she brings to you her journey and keeps Colins memory alive on her travels. To watch all her journeys and Guiness world Record attempt subscribe to her channel here: A Motorhome Life of Hank & Marvin

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